Monthly Archives: April 1930

April 14, 1930

Chas sowing flax I went to town fixed little engine and cleaned flax


April 13, 1930

Church in Tracy.  Went to Balaton to see Will Eliot in bad shape.  Took Lela Harvey to devotions in evening and had a lot of fun

April 12, 1930

Went to Rys’ after going to town.  Rys lost eleven head of cattle  i helped them get started on the hunl(?) Toung at Steens

April 11, 1930

Art discing for flax Tillish posts(?) sow eats dinner here

April 10, 1930

Set of tools came from Enderes

April 9, 1930

Cleaning flax.  Miles Tormey stopped and ate dinner.  Art harrowing clover and discing for flax

April 8, 1030

Joe Rys came over with flax  spent all afternoon cleaning it had a lot of fun