Monthly Archives: July 1930

July 31, 1930

Shocked flax kept up to binder all day with Erwin


July 30, 1930

Shocked flax with Erwin went to town in evening

July 29, 1930

Started cutting flax made hay in morning shocked flax afternoon

July 28, 1930

finished shocking oats drove to Slayton in evening to see hail damage

July 27, 1930

K.C. picnic at Teepeeotah Irwin and Chas, marie Dad and I went. Slayton had bad hail at 5 oclock

July 26, 1930

Shocked East of barn bad hail storm as I write quite bad hail corn stripped slight damage of flax

July 25, 1930

Erwin and I shocked 20 acres of oats west of hog house Went to Gullicksons in evening Boyles came from Sioux Falls for couple hours